About Elmico

Elmico’s innovative thermosetting plastic products have been developed to withstand tough conditions. These products can be used for industrial flooring; in parking garages; on ship decks, bridges, quays, dams, tank installations and pipes; as a membrane and coating; and for gluing and injecting.

Elmico is a turnkey supplier specializing in thermosetting plastic solutions. This means that Elmico provides you with complete, funcional products tailored to your exact requirements. Our aim is to be best in class, providing products with a longer lifetime, less maintainance, improved safety, and lower costs.

Elmico’s strength is its leading expertise in polymer technology, superior products, and ability to tailor a solution to your project.

This makes your floor, deck, bridge, quay, tank, pipe, pool, parking garage – whatever it is you need – hard-wearing, waterproof , and resistant. It provides us satisfied customers and strong customer relations.

Our tools are epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea, acrylic, and vinyl ester. Using these materials, we create solutions that are extremely hard-wearing, resistant and flexible; seal 100 percent; provide superior adhesion; are quick and easy to apply; and set in seconds. Our production generates zero emissions, and we always choose the most environmentally friendly raw materials.

Founded on know-how in 2003 and growing on enthusiasm, Elmico is a knowledge-intensive company that fills a niche for difficult-to-find solutions. Our market is the world.

In 2010, we moved into a 2,000 m² industrial building near Kongsvinger, Norway, centrally located near Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport and Sweden.


Before starting Elmico, Elisabet Norderup Michelson, Svein Kjennerud, Pål Gjetrang and Kristoffer Mehren worked in the thermosetting plastic industry for several years, but they wanted to link development more directly to customers and their projects. So in 2003, they established Elmico, an innovative turnkey supplier of superior, cost-effective thermosetting plastic solutions. Their success led to Elmico being named Gazelle Company and Elisabet being named Female Entrepreneur of the Year and a board member for the Polyurea Development Association Europe (PDA). The best solutions come from those who thrive on challenges.