Micopox IR

Product description

Micopox IR is a high-fluidity, solvent-free, slow-cure  epoxy used to structurally repair fractured concrete. It is well-suited for filling large cavities, where a long reaction time is required.


Micopoc IR is a slow-cure version of Micopox I and is used for injecting larger cavities. Micopox IR can also be used to repair water-filled cracks, as well as cracks in under-water construction. Consultation with manufacturer is necessary.


Micopox IR is a low-viscosity epoxy with excellent concrete penetration.

Surface preparation

Prepare the surface by vacuuming. Remove water, if necessary.


Mix Components A and B thoroughly with a slow-moving drill and whisk for three minutes.


Injection is performed with equipment suited for the task, for example, a grease gun, drill pump, or a two-component injection pump. Place packers in drilled holes that intercept the crack at a 45º angle. Place packers on each side of the crack (the distance depends on the size of the crack). Alternatively, adhesion packers can be bonded lenghtwise on the crack. The cracks should be sealed, i.e., spackled with appropirate material. For vertical cracks, start the injection at the lowest injection nipple and continue until the entire crack is filled. If the cracks are on a horizontal surface, move from one side to the next.


Clean tools with Micorens.

Environment & safety

See material safety data sheets for Micopox IR comp A and Micopox IR comp B.


Keep dry and frost-free and avoid direct sunlight. 


Minimum 12 months.

Information contained in this data sheet is based upon current knowledge and experience and must be considered as general guidance and subject to consideration in each individual case