Micopox CR

Product description

Micopox CR is a two-component, chemically stable, solvent-free epoxy, with an aromatic curing agent.


Micopox CR is a paint for surface treating concrete in places with heavey chemical exposure.


Micopox CR provides a wear-resistant and maintenance-friendly finish. The surface can be broadcast with quartz sand or another suitable material if a slip-free surface is desired.

Surface preparation

Prepare the surface by grinding or blast-cleaning and carefully vacuuming. Prepare concrete by priming with Micopox WP. Surfaces that were previously treated should be sanded to a matt finish and vacuumed before applying Micopox CR. 


Mix Components A and B with an electric drill and whisk for a minimum of 3 minutes  until homogenous.


Prime the prepared concrete surface with Micopox WP (see the Micopox WP data sheet).


Prime the prepared concrete surface with Micopox WP (see the Micopox WP data sheet). Micopox CR should be applied within 24 hours after priming. If a slip-free surface is desired, use Micopox P as a primer.


Clean tools with Micorens.

Environment & safety

See the  material safety data sheet.


Keep dry and frost-free. Avoid direct sunlight. 


Minimum 12 months.

Information contained in this data sheet is based upon current knowledge and experience and must be considered as general guidance and subject to consideration in each individual case.